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The Surprising girl Behind the grandma

“Surprise!” That is the theme of this week’s #52ancestors prompt by Amy Johnson Crow. Isn’t it funny how you can’t imagine your grandparent, wrinkled, stooped in stature, and white-headed, as the young woman she once was? That is, unless you are lucky enough to find a picture.

I got a text message this morning from Family Search reminding me that today is my Grandma’s birthday, and if she hadn’t died when she did, she’d be 120 years old now!

Grandma as a young woman

In addition to the birthday reminder, I got in the mail today a packet of pictures and memorabilia from a guy whose family bought the farm that my grandpa (eventual husband of the woman in the picture) and his family lived on, back in the early 1900’s. He was holding back from posting his pics online, so it would be a surprise!

My Aunt Virginia wrote this little memory about her mother:

She loved children and animals. In olden days we had hoboes that would come to the back door begging for a cup of coffee or a piece of pie. She never refused them and they never left hungry. Even in much later years when it wasn’t safe to help strangers, she would give a helping hand against our warnings. In her last years, when there was just the two of us, I was able to get her out of the house to go places. She opened up to people and made a lot of friends who thought she was a kind and beautiful person. She had a dry sense of humor that everyone enjoyed. I miss her much.

Happy happy birthday, Grandma! We’re glad you were born!