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Checking the Knit, Knitting the Check

gingham hat craftsbyjennyskip
Gingham Envelope hat

by jenny

I loved this Gingham Envelope hat from Diane Serviss’ Knitted Beanies and Slouchy Hats.  I wanted to knit it in the same brown and crisp white colors that I saw in the book, as I really love the contrast.

Gingham, according to Wikipedia, has been around since the 17th Century, and was mass produced  in England starting in the 18th Century. The checked pattern we call gingham is called Vichy in France.

I used Vanna’s Choice 100% acrylic in Chocolate and  another acrylic white yarn. and my cuticles were torn up for the whole project. I’ll be glad to get back to something oily, like wool, to knit with next time. I would also love to see it in red and white, orange and blue, red and green, blue and white.

This pattern book has been one of my all-time favorites.