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The Day After May Day and How the Knitting People are Different

by Jenny

May 1 has been a holiday for quite a few different reasons.  If you’d care to get into a study of them, check here at Infoplease and go over the list. But, to name a few, it’s been a labor holiday, a celebration of spring, a saint’s day, and a Druidic holiday. But for knitters (Northern Hemisphere knitters, that is) it ushers in a change in the type of projects one favors.

Since the temperature has been in the 90’s this past week where I live, I’m not as much into knitting sweaters, scarves, hats and mittens. And I’m not the only knitter who has changed. I recently had dinner with some knitting buddies, one who moved away and was back in town with some knitting projects to show (Tina.) She had some beautiful yarn she’d gotten in her new locale, in the eastern part of North Carolina. The other knitter (Ethel) said she hasn’t been knitting as much, as her arthritis has been getting in the way.  Also some of my favorite knit and crochet bloggers have recently written posts about de-stashing, about finishing up the UFO’s with no excuses, and about only working on projects they LOVE.

I looked at my current project, the My Mantra Wrap from Summer 2016 Love of Knitting, and thought, seriously, do I love this?

yarn craftsbyjennyskip
yarn for my current project, the My Mantra  stole.

The yarn I chose from the yarn stash isn’t summery, but I do like it. We’ll see how it turns out…

I went crazy a few weeks ago and started looking out for a certain type of yarn that I’ve worked with before, and I truly LOVE. I won’t tell you what it is exactly, or any of the convoluted things I’ve done in the past few weeks trying to track down a few stray skeins of it, but here’s a pic of some of the pattern books I’ve been hoarding…

er, collecting…that exclusively feature said yarn.

Martin Storey pattern books
Luscious Martin Storey books

The crazy that I went resulted in an addition to the yarn stash, making it stick out like a sore thumb.

yarn stash overflowing
Oops! Ahem.

I went to the Yarn Stash database to add some updates and sort the entries, curious about what exactly I tend to reach for in the stash, what I LOVE to knit with. When I have finished a project, I change the text color of the yarn entry in the database to red. When I am working on a project, I change the text color of the entry to green. So everything I see in green in the chart is a UFO (unfinished object). The rest of the entries, the part of the stash that is just sitting there waiting like wallflowers at a middle school dance, is in regular black ink in the database. Surprise, surprise! My all-time favorite brands of yarn (the most in red text, signifying  “finished objects”) are Berroco, Red Heart, and Universal. Not the outrageously expensive art yarns, and not the super cheap-o big box brands. I’ve favored worsted weight and super-chunky way over fingering and sock yarns.

So, I conclude that May Day has brought a shift in yarn thinking. I’m not ready to de-stash yet. But I’m not reaching out to take some off-loaded skeins off any fellow knitter’s hands either… unless it’s maybe some cut-rate Tissington or Scree or Mineral…do you know what I’m talking about? Just put your two index fingers into your ears and go “La, la, la, la, la !” and what you don’t know won’t turn into a UFO!