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RootsTech 2019 Takeaways

Oh, my gosh! I’ve spent the last four days in front of the television watching #RootsTech #NotatRootsTech via the RootsTech app and Apple TV.

A few years ago I was able to attend this in person, the largest symposium of genealogy-related seminars/exhibits in the world, I believe it was 2012 and 2013. It is held in the middle of Salt Lake City at the Salt Palace Convention Center. I always associate the aroma of fresh-roasted nuts with cinnamon and vanilla sugar, because a vendor was cranking out cone-shaped bags of them the whole time I was there.

This year, the RootsTech app on my phone and iPad worked better than ever, at bringing live-streamed broadcasts of certain sessions from 10 AM (my time) to 6 or 8:00 PM Wednesday through Saturday. All of those live-streamed sessions will be available on the RootsTech web site for a while. Meanwhile, I could have bought a $129 special pass to have temporary access to some other awesome classes that weren’t on the free live-streamed feed. I didn’t spring for the specials pass, but I may change my mind. Right now I’ve got my hands full trying to process all the new stuff that was introduced to me in the past 4 days.

  1. New Ancestry.com innovations: Thru-Lines, which as of now can replace the old DNA Circles if you choose, organizes your DNA matches in a graphic pedigree that shows how you’re related to some of those elusive DNA matches who don’t have public pedigrees. The listing of DNA matches is revved-up, and you can hook up some of those mysterious matches with tags. All kinds of tags! Customizable tags! Mom’s side, Dad’s side, Pennsylvania line, Smith line, Direct Ancestor, Died Young….all sorts of possibilities there.
  2. Findmypast now has DNA that can more closely pinpoint where in the UK your DNA is from. And if you have a DNA test in another platform, such as Ancestry.com or My Heritage, you can just transfer it over to their site. 23 and Me also showed prominently in some of the live-streamed segments, and you can transfer your raw DNA to their site as well, providing the raw data is autosomal rather than specifically X or Y DNA data.
  3. My Heritage is coming out with a new tree-connect function (BETA, I think) where you can more easily move over your data from Family Search Family Tree.
  4. I looked at several DNA explanations. I think my understanding of DNA has expanded, but I still have a lot of exploring to do.
  5. Story telling, memory keeping, finding reliable sources, documenting them, and establishing proof, are a few other subjects pulsing in my brain.

Thanks to the many people who put on Roots Tech. It is huge. There’s something for everyone. They are already planning the next one in 2020, and meanwhile there will be a RootsTech London convention in October.

Watching #RootsTech #NotatRootsTech from home