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An Out-of-Place Ancestor

This week’s topic for Amy Johnson Crow’s 52 Ancestors series, is “Out of Place.” Too bad, I see this often enough, since I’ve been clicking on hints and attaching them, when I have no business doing it. But it seems so much easier to do on the ancestry app, than on the full-blown website. At least, that’s my current excuse, when I find an ancestor on the pedigree that really doesn’t belong there.

For instance, Richard Hunt’s (c. 1650) wife, Agnes. For some unrecalled reason, I had paired Richard Hunt up with an Agnes who was 10 or so years older than he was, and was from a totally different place in England. With no attached sources. Oh, how I hate it when that happens.

The ease with which we can peruse historical records and decide whether they fit our family’s story, is phenomenal. And sometimes we can make a leap of faith, based on some very minuscule clues that lie in wait among the details, waiting to sprout like seeds into a massive limb on the family tree. But is that limb grafted or real?

DNA “evidence” can seem like the truth serum that makes suppositions like this real: my ancestor’s wife was Agnes. There was an Agnes who lived in the next town, whose birthdate was in the range of her husband’s. One of their children’s names was the same as her father’s. Several of their descendants are DNA matches to me. Can this be proof enough?

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