Pick Your Passion: Quilting, Bluegrass, or Armchair Quarterbacking

quilt festival

“Black & White & Cats Galore” quilt on display at the festival

Offering some recognition (!) to the quilters and musicians who put on the local Quilt and Bluegrass Show at Thornebrook. What a pleasure to walk the park, shop, and look at 75 or so gorgeous examples of fabric and thread art.

Thornebrook quilt show craftsbyjennyskip.com

Thornebrook setting for quilt display

quilt festival

quilt on display at Thornebrook

Thanks to the Tree City Quilt Guild, A-1 Sewing, all the vendors, and the musicians. Patchwork was the ensemble performing while I was there. I love to listen to beautiful, pure folk singing with string accompaniment. Sublime!

Patchwork bluegrass

Patchwork singing bluegrass in the pavilion

Here’s another cat quilt featuring redwork embroidery.

redwork cats quilt

cats in redwork

Pam McIntyre quilt at 2015 festival

this one is by Pam McIntyre

thread art at Thornebrook 2015

gorgeous thread art mini-quilts

 Pele art quilt Thornebrook 2015

Goddess Pele art quilt at Thornebrook

Pele description

artist’s description

The festivities were slated to run until 5 pm or until it rains, so looks like the rain won out. Meanwhile, in another part of town, in the pouring rain, the Mighty Gators barely squeaked by with a win against unranked Florida Atlantic, in overtime. Unbelievable! Amazing day: pick your passion and run with it!

Please comment, if you feel so inclined!

    • Omigosh! The texture in that one: embroidery, appliqué, doilies, and beckoning cats throughout. There were signs all around saying “please do not touch” but it was very tempting…

    • True, but it didn’t help any that the game was going on at the same time…guess they figured the quilt crowd and the football crowd wouldn’t overlap but in this town, not necessarily so! Would like to find out more about the Tree City Guild that helped set up the event. Their web site has some listings of upcoming quilting things.