Pausing to Reflect After Irma and Maria

These major hurricanes were different than others I’ve survived in the past, because of the ubiquitous presence of social media.

After Irma: We only lost power for about 16 hours, on and off.  Many friends, neighbors, and relatives lost power for much longer.

After Maria: Just today, 5 days after Maria hit the island of Puerto Rico, we finally got word from our relatives that they are okay.  They are expecting to be without power for months, maybe.

lumber stash jennyskip
our back yard urban lumber stash
side yard jennyskip
side yard post-Irma

Our side yard temporarily became a lake. I’ve never seen our yard take on water like this.

clouds jennyskip
bright clouds Friday Sep 15

The input from social media sites has made a huge impact on us. Rather than having to rely on what the network news wants to show us, we can go all over the place to find news. Friends are passing on what they’ve found, consoling, offering hope, strengthening faith.  We’re feeling grateful for any means of communication.


2 thoughts on “Pausing to Reflect After Irma and Maria”

  1. We live near Florida’s Space Coast and had a similar experience. Though we didn’t lose power for an extended period, we had quite a bit of flickering for three days. I feel fortunate and am doing what I can to help those who weren’t as lucky.
    BTW, I’ve also noticed that social media often has more accurate news than many of the official news networks.

  2. I can’t even imagine what it is like to live in or near the path of a hurricane. My heart goes out to all that have lost so much. I pray that the government and all the monies raised will get to the people who need it quickly. My thoughts and prayers are with all those affected.

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