On October 31

Skip, who is somewhat tone deaf, was trying to tell me about the famous Halloween Song that they always sang when he was a youngster.

“You know, the song “On October 31?” he said.

” No, I’ve never heard of it.” I said.

“You know, this one…” and he started singing it. It went like this.

“Oh, yes, that one. I didn’t know it actually had words.” I said.  “It’s from the Peer Gynt Suite by Grieg, right?”

“I don’t know,” he said.

Same famous melody, two totally different contexts!

“Music Time” at Meade Heights Elementary School in Ft. Meade, Maryland in the mid-60’s, was sitting in the same seats in our classroom and listening to LP’s played on a portable record player. There were no visuals. Perhaps, as first or second or third graders, the teacher would have us draw what we felt when we heard the music. But I was never introduced to those lyrics that were well-known to Skip. Wonder if it was a regional thing?

Thinking, on the last day of October, how quickly this month evaporated, and that soon it will be gone altogether.

Other October things:

Walkathon jennyskip
Making Strides Breast Cancer Awareness Walkathon

Lately, October has been the month of Breast Cancer Awareness, and every year we have more friends and relatives to whom we dedicate our service and consideration. Here’s hoping for a cure!

As for crafting, it’s been a few weeks of machine embroidery  on dish towels and future table runners. Designs from Embroidery Library.

Grill Sergeant dish towel jennyskip
Grill Sergeant Dish Towel
embroidered awesome dish towel jennyskip
Flippin’ awesome dish towel
Kokka dish towels jennyskip
dish towels out of Kokka fabric

Kokka is a Japanese fabric company. Every once in a while I’ll go to a sewing expo somewhere and find a vendor who has Kokka fabrics–usually in 1/2-yard packages that cost about as much as a yard of other fabrics, but they are so darn cool!

Kokka dish towels jennyskip
I think these are from Kokka too.
green dish towels jennyskip
Dish towels, green theme
Realtree table runner jennyskip
future table runner on Realtree camo fabric

The red and green dish towels were machine embroidered on packaged sewn dish towels from JoAnn Fabric. They are sturdy cotton with a loop on one corner for hanging. The beige dish towels were also pre-made, but I forgot where they came from. The others were sewn from fabric. The table runner is a Realtree cotton duck cloth fabric remnant from JoAnn’s.

Happy October 31 everyone!

5 thoughts on “On October 31”

  1. Wow! You pack a lot into a post. I had never heard of that little song before. I love your embroideries. What machine do you use for them. I buy a lot of designs from Embroidery Library as well. Some tend to be bullet proof though. I at one time ordered my towels from a web site called embroider this but recently found a place called craft warehouse that had them even less expensively.

    1. Thank you! I am currently using a Viking Designer Diamond. I started with a Topaz, traded up for a Ruby, then the Diamond; I’ve had it for about 2 years and still getting used to using it. They all have their little quirks! Did I see on your post that you use the Diamond, too, for embroidery? And thanks for the sources for towels! I have also bought from allaboutblanks.com–that’s probably where I got the beige towels in this post, maybe…

      1. Mostly I use my SE. I have a new Diamond Royale for 3 years now but it never works consistently. I’m going back…again to the store and see if we can figure out the problem. I think it’s a design flaw of poor quality control. I’ve had 3 other Vikings and that’s the first one to give me trouble. I think I’ve used that website too at some time.

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