Most Lame Halloween Ever

It’s even more depressing to talk about it.

We didn’t even have one trick or treater come to the door.

And I hurt from the knuckles up from my three-hour visit to the dentist to get prepped for a crown.

So the thought of “more candy for me” doesn’t even sound good.

I tried to “friend” my dentist on Facebook a couple of years ago. She was like “hell, no.”

Because I am the worst patient ever. I woke up this morning (All Saints Day, la la!) with crumbles of that rubbery material they use to make impressions of your teeth, two trays of which I barfed up onto the reclining chair of doom, stuck in my hair. Ew.

But here are some pics that capture the spirit of the holiday, at best…

nhd jennyskip
neighborhood hi-jinks
ghouls jennyskip
Who are the people in your neighborhood? Ghouls.
Sheenah jennyskip
Our Sheenah and the new 99 cent Publix shopping bags
space jennyskip
in your space decorations
scary cat jennyskip
open front door, see butt of 12-ft tall scary cat

Thanks to Danielle for the last two pics of their decorations, they were so funny I had to share them. The skull, with its rotating eyeballs, is maniacal!

6 thoughts on “Most Lame Halloween Ever”

  1. It was pretty lame here too. I gave out quarters instead of pieces of candy. I give money because some kids may have allergies to chocolate or nuts. Every kid can use money for what they are allowed to have. My block had a total of 12 kids. Umm… little monsters and goblins.

    1. Money is a good idea–we are puzzled why no one trick or treats here, we think parents take the kids to the mall or a church activity, expecially when it’s a school night…

  2. Due to having the Flu, mine was pretty lame as well. Fun decorations though. Only decoration I had was a skeleton of a rat which I put in the bowl of candy. Bill said one kid just blithely plucked it out on threw it down on the table he had the bowl on. Even though he thought there would be tons of kids and I told him give them each at least 3 pieces of candy (they were small)- he didn’t. I’m not tempted with the leftover candy but then I am sick, sick, sick. Someday I will be better and yikes, I will have to pull up some will power and throw the stuff out!

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