LARGE Family Origins

Per Amy Johnson Crow’s #52Ancestors prompts, this week’s topic is “large family.”

My ancestor, Henry Bland, born in 1770, can be described as a man with a big family. He had 12 children with his first wife, and 12 more with his second wife.

Henry’s father, Thomas, is the subject of much speculation among our relatives. He appeared in Colonial Virginia and settled in what is today Pendleton County (West Virginia). Although there were other Blands who figured prominently as landowners, merchants, and statesmen in early Virginia, we have no records of our progenitor being related to them. In fact, the descendants of our ancestor have very different DNA groups than the descendants of several other Virginia Blands!

Some of the children of Henry Bland, from the family Bible

This page is from my mom’s book Thomas Bland of Pendleton County.

Bland history

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