It’s Fall, Y’all

So we’ve been thinking about Fall home decor and Halloween hi-jinks. If you want to see some fascinating history about how modern-day Halloween celebrations have evolved since medieval times, check out this History Channel page.

Meanwhile, one of our two cats, Grayzie, had to go back to the Vet Specialist to get a second radiation treatment to burn out his thyroid, because apparently the first treatment didn’t work. Like before, he went and stayed at the vet hospital for about 5 days, until his radioactivity levels lowered enough for us to take him home. When he got home, the other cat, Pauly, hissed at him and treated him like–well, like a dog. Like he was a total stranger. We worked with them on that, rubbed Pauly, then Grayzie, down with a pair of dad’s dirty old socks (which they love to snog) and got that hissing back down to a minimum. But for a joke, we found this prop at the hardware store and put it out for Pauly, to see how she reacted.

cat skeleton jennyskip
“Grayzie, is that you?”

We had a lot of laughs with this photo; if you can come up with a funny caption you’d like to submit, please leave a comment!

5 thoughts on “It’s Fall, Y’all”

  1. What a hoot! Pauly recognizes that it is supposed to be a cat but seems puzzled about the lack of cat odor. Some say that when you take one cat to vet that it gathers other cat smells causing the remaining cat to not know it. When I visited my oldest son and his first wife in the past century, she took her newest cat to get spayed and brought her home the same day – the other cat had a hissey fit so the Rag Doll had to sleep in a room with me. It was summer in Tucson with just a swamp cooler and Willow insisted on sleeping on my arm right next to me. Guess she wasn’t all that hot with that fluffy hair but I thought I was gunna die!

  2. Ha, ha, ha, ha! I found an article on Google, that says that when the cat comes home from the vet, it could be also reeking with pheromones letting the cat at home know it experienced fear, or even terror from being in the car and in a strange place. Plus, thinking of all the other animals that might have also been at the vet’s, when the cat comes home it could appear as a threat to the home-cat. So, the rub-down with Dad’s dirty sox seemed to calm the both of them a little…

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