All Souls

by jenny

I saw an interesting post on Facebook about the celebration of All Souls’ Day in Lithuania. To get some background on the subject, see this post. (from a blog in 2014, but with great info)

Growing up, I never heard much about the two days after Halloween, All Saints’ Day (November 1) and All Souls’ Day (November 2). Is All Souls’ Day the same as Dia de los Muertos? I would love to start some American traditions for All Souls’ Day. Imagine, a public holiday for people to honor and connect with their ancestors! It might spark a new family history revolution!


(this mug is sitting on the desk at our local Family History Center)

Meanwhile, back in Lithuania, the government has issued pamphlets to the people, giving guidelines on what they can do if and when they are faced with an attack from the Russian Army, which is predicted to happen in the very near future: see this article. Googling Lithuania, I haven’t seen anything new posted in the past few days. Is the invading nation waiting to see who will end up being the new leader of the free world?



6 thoughts on “All Souls”

  1. All Saints’ Day is a Holy Day in the Catholic Church honoring the cannonized and non-cannonized saints. All Souls’ Day remembers everyone who has gone before us. 🙂

  2. I am very familiar with All Saints Days and All Souls Day because of being Catholic. I couldn’t hit ‘like’ on this because I would not be able to sleep tonight if I thought Tuesday’s election would result in any country being invaded because of it. I’ve voted in elections since I reached the appropriate age, but I hold no pleasure in voting this Tuesday. It’s embarrassing. I’ll pray for all of us. Stay safe.

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