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We are a couple with traditional values and views, but we also love new technology and finding innovative new ways to do classic old things like making furniture, textiles, objets-d’art, music, paintings, toys, games, gardening, and other pastimes and pleasures that make life fun and interesting.

Won’t you join us as we explore the world around us, with an eye for making and making over things that look promising, that might fit into our lives here and now?







18 thoughts on “About Us”

  1. I just heard about your blog from Mary J. Puckett at Zippy Quilts.
    Couching is something I have been wanting to try, and you gave good information about this. I also like your “Want not, Waste not” approach.
    The red quilt was so worth up-cycling. It reminded me of a quilt my grandmother had. It was beautiful, but worn. Unfortunately, it was pitched when my parents moved to their second house.
    I look forward to reading your posts.

  2. Hi Jenny and Skip – did you ever end up posting those comments on the Stanley #2 sharing some thoughts from Roger Smith on his approach to restoring and caring for antique planes? I recently acquired an old Stanley #1 and thoroughly enjoyed your article on it but am looking at ways to preserve it properly. thanks Jacques

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