12 Children

Like lots of fellow genealogy addicts, I had a hard time coming up with some content for Amy Johnson Crow’s #52Ancestors topic for this week, which is “12.”

I want to include an image for these blurbs I’ve been writing, which can be posted in a blog or another social media outlet, such as Ms. Crow’s Generations Cafe Facebook Page. I like this forum because the entries are all nicely organized by each week’s topic, and you can look at other posts. But I didn’t realize that finding a photo of 12 related people was going to be a wild goose chase. On the up side, I do have lots of documented ancestors who had 10 or more children. I can write about a couple of them:

My 7th great grandparents were John Justus “Yost” Henkel and Maria Magdalena Eschmann. Yost came from Germany and met his wife in the Mennonite community in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. Their first eleven children were born at Bucks County, PA, but the twelfth child, Isaac Henkel, was born at Dutchman’s Creek, Rowan County, NC in 1754. Yost and many of his family members settled in Augusta County, VA. He served in the Virginia militia during the Revolutionary War.

Each of their 8 daughters and 4 sons lived to adulthood and produced numerous children of their own. One daughter is documented as having borne 16 children. One son, Jacob, had seven sons, of which five went on to become Lutheran ministers.

The Henckel Genealogy 1500-1960 by WS & MW Junkin

Thus far, I haven’t felt a very strong connection to these ancestors because they’re relatively distant. But reading about them and putting together a little summary helps me realize they are a part of me and my heritage. I’d like to encourage you to dip into the #52Ancestors phenom and give it a try!

Please comment, if you feel so inclined!

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